Saturday, June 30, 2007

Rugby Mysteries and Marvels

Haka - Maori dance
No, it's not Oompa Loompa mania. I was watching rugby yesterday, a game between the New Zeland All Blacks, pictured here, and the Australian Wallabys. In the begining each team lined up arm in arm as their national anthems were played, first the NZ anthem, and then the Australian national anthem. the players were emotional and serious as they sang along with their songs. This game was played in Australia, so the crowd cheered on the Wallabys.
But...after both the anthems, I witnessed a curiousity. The All Blacks did this dance. What I found odd was that they do this while the other team stands and faces them. Naturally, I assumed that when one team finished its dance, the other team would have some sort of presentation, but no. This was just something New Zeland does I guess. I really don't know why the Aussie team had to stand at their attention while the All Blacks did this taunting dance. It was very curious to me.
I found a short video of part of this dance on You Tube, if anyone wants to check it out.
The game started with New Zeland strong, and almost embarrassing the Wallabys. I tuned in later to find out that the Aussies had reversed the situation and won the game.


Stephanie said...

It would be really weird to see this. I did some research on it and its actually a ceremonial war dance. I'm sure its funny to watch, in person, but exciting at the same time. From what I understand they are the only team that does this dance. Its something that they grew up learning, and doing.

jedimasterbooboo said...

Well you can see it on You Tube.