Thursday, June 14, 2007

I Found My Flickr Account

Zhuhai 001
This is a picture that I took of a poster I saw when I was in China. They are English crazy over there (and money crazy I guess). I thought I had lost my flickr account, but I found it. I should have loaded every photo I had to that account, because my camera was stolen, and all my technology isn't working at the moment.

Zhuhai 002
This picture was taken at a KFC in Zhuhai China. I missed a lot of photo ops, because I'm shy to snap pictures of things without permission. I didn't want to ask these guys if I could photograph their feet so it's taken on the sly and not very centered. I took this because I was in KFC and these guys were all wearing the typical basketball shoes, and it seemed so Western to me, I think people have a different concept of China. Granted, this was in a special zone, but still the mainland nonetheless. I needed a visa to get there.

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