Monday, June 25, 2007

That's Jack Fruit

What's that? Famous fruit of the Philippines, Jack Fruit. I'm assuming it can be found in other SE Asian countries as well. My students tell me this is expensive, but smells and tastes great.

Hey, what smells like garbage, did something die? No, that's Durian fruit. Some people say, 'oh it smells awful, but the taste is to die for.', NO...if you tell me I have to eat this again I might die, it tastes exactly the way it smells, and it makes your breath smell like garbage.

I had some Durian candy here at the school and it was so disgusting it was a joke to give it to people and watch their faces. First, the student is so delighted that the teacher has given them a candy, and then their face changes. It's pretty hilarious to see the reality set in. "What is this?" And then their breath. It stinks up the whole classroom. When new students arrived, if they annoyed the old students in any way, I would get a look from them..."teacher, he has not yet tried your candy". Man, we had fun, I haven't done that in awhile.

One classroom that I use is pretty small, it's for the 1:4 group and we had this really funny student named Young, she would purposely eat it and breathe it all over the other students, and we would all vacate the room. I'd bring in the incense.

I constantly heard from locals how great this fruit tastes, and I was like what kind of drugs are you guys on? Some of the staff here assure me that they do NOT like Durian, so it's not a Philippino thing altogether, just many people here are crazy.

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