Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Let the Sun Shine In

Wow, I'm feeling so much better today, the sun is out!

I had to take an annoying English test last night after work. It's called TOEIC, and it's the menace of the East. The reading part was of course no problem. The listening part was silly. The CD has these long segments of information to listen to and then three multiple choice questions are asked about the reading. English is my native language, there was nothing that was not understandable or clear in the segments, but it went pretty fast and if my mind wandered a tad, I missed important parts.

So a question after a segment might be, "When was the car released?" and then a series of answers to choose from like, a) 2 months ago, b) 2 weeks ago and so on.

Yeah. I had no idea sometimes.

I'm no dummy, either. So I feel for non-native speakers that are subjected to this.

Writing blogs on my lunch has not ben successful yet, but I figure if I make myself type something here everyday, they *should* get more interesting.

I really do have tons of topics to write about in my notebook, but for lunch I'm checking news and chillin a bit.

But I don't want to break this habit...more later...

Monday, January 29, 2007


I hate being tired. I hate it, especially if there's no reason for it.

Well, there might be a reason. The weather here is actually cold. The skies are often gray lately. It's not always cold, but lately it has been. In fact in the Philippines it's rarely cold.

Coffee is not helping, eating is not helping, juice is not helping, my students making me laugh is not helping.

Sometimes maybe I just need to accept the mood.

Today I wanted to start posting here on this blog, it's really the wrong day.
There isn't interesting news today, just scary. George Bush seems to be starting a shoving match with Iran.


Sunday, January 28, 2007

I had better get a blog.

If I don't start one of these, I'll go crazy. I have no computer at home, so I'll be typing things here and there.

I'm here in the Philippines, originally from California. I'm teaching English to Korean University level students. I need to blog about this, it's really interesting work. The topics are endless.

I've been here over a year and interestingly, I don't miss the U.S. As difficult as life is here, I love it. I wish I didn't have to work so much but the job that I have is fantastic. (Pay is very low, tho.)

MY NAME IS THERESA...My name is Theresa. This is my blog.