Sunday, June 3, 2007

Two Trys Make An Effort

I'd never seen rugby until I arrived here in the Philippines. My son and I watch this trying to make heads or tails of it. Every time we think we've figured out a rule, something else happens that makes us realize we have no idea what's going on. At one point during one of these games, everyone on the field stopped and it seemed like an intense moment. We gathered that the judges were making some kind of decision. "I wonder what this means." I said to my son. We waited for a clue. Everyone turned to look at the huge screen above the field, and finally the screen said TRY, and the announcers shouted, "It's a TRY!"

I said to my son, "Oh, it's a try." He said, "Yeah, it's a try." Whatever that means.

The other day I was out running errands and returned while my oldest son was trying to watch rugby again. I came in and he told me, "Two tries make an effort."

I thought, well that sounds about right. So I guess we are really making an effort to understand rugby. I suppose I could look up the rules here on the internets.


ed said...

you may have figuered it out now, but a TRY is basically a "touchdown" like in football and gives you the opportunity for the kick over.5 points for a try i think, 2 for the kick. Rugby is actually fairly superior to American Football i find, its faster, they dont where pads and the players have to play offense and defense!

jedimasterbooboo said...

Thanks Ed! And I believe that just about everything is superior to American football (shh, sorry ger!). I was impressed with how they are so sportsman like, I mean it's constantly a pile of people yet they don't kill each other and don't even wear pads! I'm sure there's fights now and again, but rugby has been around a long time with no pads. Something's going right.