Tuesday, June 5, 2007


I can't figure out if I'm pissed right now, or what I'm feeling, but question:
Do you want to get to know your family? See if they have a MySpace page!!!
I'm on here with my friends, and one of my old friends, is like, "Hey, wow, I found your brother on here, he's grown up!"
Yeah, I keep in touch with my bro and get to Vegas when I can, but...I didn't know he had a page. Supposedly my sister has one, too. OK. So I search and search and find nothing. I do happen to know my sister's email without busting open the addressbook, so I search by email and found her page.

That's when I saw my dear bro at the bottom as a "friend" of my sister. They live together, they own a house together and are close, so if one's on MySpace, so is the other, no biggie.

I go to my brother's page and it's all tricked out! Dude! Could you shoot me an email once in awhile? What's up? And what's with the skanky chicks posting comments under his picture? Maybe that's why I didn't get an invite (ya think?) And I see this photo and don't approve of your punk ass friends-they look like punk asses to me. Come to think of it, don't even tell me that's danny in the center. I don't know. That's right, I don't know because I didn't know you had a MySpace page!

Joking aside, they don't have the urls to my pages either, so we'll have to change that. Wow family reunion. It seems like all my brother's blog entries are about breaking up with girls and how hurt he gets. He's the kind of guy that makes me think what they say might be true...women don't like nice guys. My brother is the best. But...always bad relationships.
Reading his front page is like...man what a nice guy...and you know what? It's not an act, he really is. Mom wonders why her kids aren't married, but she can be proud of all three of us. We're decent people. *teary*

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