Friday, June 8, 2007


I just left work, it was a bit drizzly, no big deal. I walk down the street a couple of blocks to this mall and catch a jeepney home (after a little internet cafe, maybe). As I approached the Petron gas station, a face became clear up ahead, it was Kuni! Then I noticed some other students. They waved and were excited to see me- they always are outside of school. Kuni came up a little faster and insisted that I take his umbrella. I was trying to explain, no I'm just walking over there, I'll be ok, but he had placed the handle in my hand already. That's how these guys are, not, "Do you want my umbrella?", because most people would say no to that, so there's no asking. I have to admit I felt a little special at that moment. As I was walking away and the students were gone in the distance, it started pouring. I mean pouring, my umbrella actually dipped and bent in toward me. I'm only wearing sandals and my feet got completely soaked. They are wet now.

I can't imagine an American guy doing that. I could imagine them making fun of me though, "I saw you yesterday in the rain with no umbrella! Stupid!" or if you prefer a little more mild. "Why don't you have an umbrella? It's raining!" Someone probably said that to Kuni when he got back to the school.

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ricky said...

that was a very nice account. good to hear you have such good students. a student is always a reflection of the teacher.