Thursday, June 28, 2007

Anomaly in the Space-Time Continuum

I felt an unnatural affect today, maybe a ripple in the space time fabric? I know that this is shocking to so many that know me, but I remember the 70's [deal with it]. People rode around on roller skates with a transistor radio to their ear, maybe listening to dance!-boogeywonderland! ...maybe some Abba. [I have Dave's attention now, Did somebody say ABBA?]

I'm really from the Breakfast Club 80's generation, though, and we never thought that the 70's would come back. Never. In a hundred million years. Never. Well, it's 2007 now, and people are still wearing fashions influenced by the 70's era, which we could have sworn was an anti-fashion, fashion vacuum decade. I figured when the 70's clothes came in, it would last a few years tops. No, I was wrong and today, something jolted me. I had this weird cool wonderful science fiction experience.

One of the students here was carrying around this device and playing some song, the quality of it sounded really like a transistor radio. The fashion she's wearing could be right out of the 70's and her laughing carefree attitude fit right in as well.

But it took me a second to realize what she was holding...a PMP device! PMP mind you, is not just the very latest in technology, but it's something most of us couldn't imagine in the past without a dreamy futuristic context. There have been times throughout the years when people have expressed high hopes and predicted that someday the star-trek communicator days would come. The generation before me was the moon landing generation and they were pretty pie-in-the-sky with their future fantasies. The kids in elementary school in 1969 assumed that when they were adults every aspect of their lives would be push button ready. The 70's shattered their hopes and dreams, and then offered a brief glimmer of hope in 1978 with the release of A New Hope- Star Wars.

We were all stunned by that, but then the Reagan Era came in and steamrolled everybody and we tolerated Rambo part one two three four and whatever. People with sensibilities were punkrock angry.

Well, things have really exploded in technology over the last 10 years, but the fashion is retro, the treatment of women- worse than retro, violence- positively primeval, and so on. But today I didn't know what time or place it was when I saw this girl, holding a little device close that was emanating transistor radio sounds, but then seeing what she held and realizing, 'you've come a long way baby' If one is looking around with timeless eyes, now is interesting.

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