Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Nicknames Again

We've had a rash of really normal/boring nicknames lately. In the past we've had students named Dragon Cha and Ralph and Lauren (two best friends who were always together), Worrick, Swash, Lion, Augustine, Teddy...for a girl we had GieGel, which I guess is some famous model. There was one guy named Qu, which is pronounced Ku. I always said, "Hi Ku!" when I saw him, and that felt weird. Even if the names were semi-normal, they weren't super common. We just had William and Harry, too, but many Koreans are not familiar with the royal family.

One day in a new class we went around and introduced ourselves and explained the nicknames. One student chose Neo. "That's from the Matrix, right?" Yes. So we had a long exciting conversation about the Matrix, very cool. Ok, next person, "Your name is...Tigger?" Yes. "That's from Winnie-The-Pooh, right?" Yes. It wasn't the most macho moment that student has ever had, I'm sure. But his name totally fit, the guy bounced everywhere and was loud and Tiggerish.

Lately we're getting Steve, Scott, Peter, Jason, Tim... real yawners.
This morning I met "Justin"...I was going to ask him why he chose that name, but I was afraid that he would do what he does everytime I ask him something...*deer in the headlights* uh...duh...blank stare...
I won't get into why, but...the name fits oh so well.

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