Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Small Face

So I argue with my students about Rain (Bee) the singer, they say he's not good looking because his "eyes are too small". I have a new batch of students in today, and sure enough there's a girl in the class announcing Rain's eyes are too small.

Later, in my afternoon class, a student was talking about how he saw this famous actor (above) twice in Korea in public somewhere, and everyone was impressed. They think he's really good looking, BUT then they all proceeded to tell me that he has a really small face. What gets me is the way they do it. Each one uses their hand to demonstrate how small his face is. "You would be very surprised, his face is this small." They show me their hands.

I've had other classes with other students at other times talk about this guy and his small face, also using their hands to demonstrate. I'm thinking...was this on some national talk show or something? It's bizarre to me. So here he is....with his tiny little face, oh I can hardly even see it.

Well, maybe they mean his head is small. No, they don't. They talk about how his body is so great (yes, men talk that way too, that's a post for another day), and there's no way a Korean person would say that he had a great body if there was a disproportion. If his head was smaller than his body, then I guarantee you that would be the discussion. His name is Jo-In Seong, which probably translates to 'little face'.


davelaFave said...

I HATE "little faces" - I know exactly what they mean.
It's almost fetal-alcohol style, you know?
Small-Face is ALWAYS off-putting along with "skinny-leg" and "wide-mouth"... thank you Sandra B.

jedimasterbooboo said...

For those whose second language is English, let me say that the above comment is a joke. Ha Ha. It's funny, too.