Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Lost in Translation

One of my favorite students of all time has just emailed me from the UK. I thought I'd share.
Dear. theresa

I뭢 June. I'm in cambridge.

First day, I had many problem. It was that my bag was very heavy in the airport. I had to pay extra pee. But I have to money. Because my credit cart already broke. It gives me a serious problem. In finish on argument long time, I could take on my fight. However I could arrive in London. But my problem didn뭪 finish. When I arrived the airport, I didn뭪 pass the customs desk. Because my school letter was in my hard luggage. I felt very upset. And it seems to be other people like coolness. Nobody interested me. Nobody wanted to know me.

However when I could go to out in the airport, it was at night. I was pulling my heavy bag, nobody helped me. I slept on a chair in this airport. I felt lonely. But I didn뭪 sad. ?

Next day in morning, I bought a ticket to go the Cambridge. I took on the bus with some meals. At that time, I was decided to get strong mind. And I took off my top cloth. Because I need a courage. When I arrived the Cambridge, I searched my homestay myself.

However, I still have my lock. because There are very kind of mother and brother.
I like them and their make food. it's a redeeming feature in a tragic affair.

By the way, I뭢 not accommodation in UK life style yet. And I have jetlag. But I don뭪 worry. I believe that time give me to answer.
I want you to give me courage. Thank you. And I promise that I can live here well.

P.S - I really like you. and could you do me a favor?
I want to fix my write if you want it. I really need to help..(T...T)
can I spend you my wirte about every issue?

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