Thursday, June 21, 2007

Discover Cold Beer

Here's something from Discovery Channel's Mythbusters Message Boards.

fachimoto posted:
"Lets keep it simple. I didn't hear this from a guy who knew a guy. I did this myself in Vietnam with regular gasoline (forget the jet fuel). Take one can of beer, open, dip 2/3 of can into gas, pull out. Air hits the beer can, rapid evaporation = beer slushy in seconds. The scientific reason you tell me. I just know it worked on beer and cola. Simple, never failed"

jarhead10 posted:
"My father did the same thing in vietnam and it worked for him too. I'm wondering where they got the idea to light the gasoline on fire."

I don't really understand jarhead10 because fachimoto didn't say anything about lighting anything on fire. He might be saying that some people think the gas needs to be lighted when it doesn't. Ok. Then some third guy posted, "I don't believe it!", OK. Whatever. Some message boards are hard to follow this is one of them, BUT I thought this was an interesting post on making beer slushy!

My son and I try to catch every episode of Mythbusters whether it's a good episode or not. He learns about ideas and testing and trial and error and controls. One of the guys makes my kid laugh all the time. That's good.

On the Discovery Channel Mythbuster's page there are also links to science blogs, but I don't see anything interesting. DC Asia is different, right now we're just getting RERUNS* of American Choppers only. I think there's a new season going on and we're not a part of it here.

Does anyone know if the Mentos company changed their white Mentos? Because I want to do the soda thing with my students, and ...I tried it with a little can and it didn't really work, maybe it only works in the 2L bottles? That stuff is expensive here and I don't want to look like a dork.

[*Edit: Maybe not, last night I saw the one where they made the HP bike, and I'm pretty sure that's new!]

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