Monday, June 18, 2007

Ok Justin! I see you!

My last post underneath this one got me to thinking. I posted it at lunch time and then was sitting here at the school in the lobby zoning out, trying to think a complete thought without interruption from the students...I'm thinking I clicked around on the jpod website and no less than three links came up for skateboarding stuff, and I'm wondering what Douglas Coupland's deal is with that, and if it's explained in the book jpod. What does an old guy like D.C. care about skateboarding so much?

At this point someone was trying really hard to get my attention, so I snapped out of my stupor to see Justin in my line of vision, "hi teacher!" He's wearing this shirt today that says, "SKATEBOARDING IS ON MY MIND" and there's a picture of this guy that looks kind of like my ex in contemplative thought. reminds me of my post on my MySpace blog regarding the conspiracies of the universe.

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