Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Assasination of Benezir Bhutto for Dummies

Bhutto's entrance in to Pakistan has casued chaos the last couple of times, this time she's been murdered. I believe that the White House has always preferred stability over democracy with Pakistan. In my opinion, a dictatorship in Pakistan is neither here nor there as far as the U.S. is concerned, regardless of what they're forced to say in the media. I think that their private take on the matter is that Bhutto actually caused problems. At least with Musharaff, Bush has got an ally and things were stable. I really believe that "democracy" is a side issue that's front and center because of this administration's constant talk of it regarding Iraq.

I don't know if this incident will cause further instability in Pakistan because Bhutto hasn't even been there for years. Unless her supporters, who are considered moderate, suddenly go hog wild, then I would think that things would return to the status quo.

Who knows, though...

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Octopus with Lego

I saw a documentary on this exhibit somewhere...I don't know where, but everyone had cute brit accents. Anyway, this was an octopus exhibit where the poor big octopus was bored.

Then the caretakers put in a big stack of legos he could take apart and other toys. He got busy and happier. Pretty soon he was all over the tank and the glass, whereas before this, he just sat and stared at the kids on the other side of the glass, like "Why am I alive?"

I thought that was interesting.
I want to write a longer entry, but I gotta go.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Vinnie Quits OCC

This here blog has gotten HUNDREDS of hits, people searching for Vinnie quits OCC, American Choppers. Every day, more hits, more hits, more hits. I feel bad, because I only have this one blog entry about it back in October that gives virtually NO information about the topic.

I searched for the topic on Yahoo and pages upon pages of this came up. When I searched it back in October, there was only one message board that came up.

Anyway HERE is a link that I consider to be one of the best for the info and includes a link to Cody and Vinnie's new shop. Enjoy. More About Vinnie and Cody.

I guess there was a show on it that I haven't seen, and I guess Senior made the comment "Anyone can be replaced." WOW, Sr. You're the jerk that I never knew you were. KAT from LA Ink should fly in and do some V FORCE tatoos. Which is hilarious for me to say, I'm totally against tatoos.

I mean, all that Vin meant to the shop AND THE SHOW *ahem!*, he deserved more than he got. I mean OCC loves their show, and they had to realize that Vin was a huge part of the fan base.

Vinnie always acted like he was going to kill Cody, so I hope that Cody is ok with his new partner. Watch your back Code! Ha ha.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Manny Pacquiao- The Boxer

Well here he is, the legend. Here in the Philippines this guy is like Michael Jordan was a few years back when you just couldn't get away from him. I really can't stand boxing, it makes me feel like I'm from another planet because I just don't get it. If I was a human being that was from around here, I'm thinking that I would see boxing and be like, "oh yeah, I can totally see how people do that". Alas, this is impossible for me, and I've tried pretty hard to do some mental acrobatics to fool myself into understanding it. The closest I get is: "It's a guy thing." But I want to back off of that because I already think that men are so evil, they just don't need anymore bad press in my brain, so I fall back to- 'I must be from somewhere else.'

Manny endorses ANYTHING and everything, including alcohol. When those commercials would come on, my son said things like, "I drink this, and then I can hit people really hard." It's funny, but you have to be there.

This guy is everywhere. I have been startled more than once by a life-size cardboard cut out of Manny in a shopping aisle. ME: "Ack! Ohmai...sheesh* get out of here!" Punch. No, I never punched one.

So my son said today, whenever pac "the pacman" (clever!) loses...the commercial for the next fight says "Justice will be served!" or something like that.

The best I can hope for is that big thick-boned head of his keeps his brain safe. I hate to see these guys later in life with all the problems they develop. I mean, it's not surprising but it sure is sad.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Amazing Race Asia

Picture: The Deaf Team
Let's start with the complaining. Season One of this show was great. This season, I've got a beef.

As usual, the season starts off with a show introducing the teams, and this year I was livid. The show picked elite, spoiled model- tv star types that DON'T need to be in the Amazing race, and it seemed like they didn't even choose a variety of people to boot.

They've got models and actresses and people who were able to have apartments in Hong Kong and jet set around. Give me a break. It's maddening and boring. There's a team of housewives with rich foreign husbands who live in resort style luxury.

There is one team that I'm rooting for. AXN found a deaf person and partner to go on the race, very interesting. They are also wealthy, but at least they are interesting. There is also a brother and sister team from Japan. At least there's a different country represented there. Where are the South Koreans? India? Come on!

I want more "real" people...for lack of a better term,I mean, all these people are real people their parents would assure me. The team that angered me the most is Marc and Rovilson. I can actually see Marc on commercials here in the Philippines all the time. I mean conceivably, I could be watching the Amazing Race, and then see Marc again on one of the commercials during the show. And Rovilson is the editor in chief for Maxim in Asia. GIVE ME A BREAK. Yeah, he needs MORE money and experiences.

And the guy that produces the show said, Oh we just had SO MANY entries, it was SO HARD to choose. There's no excuse for this then.

And I told myself, Theresa, get your anger out now before the show starts, because you know you're going to end up liking all these people. And it's true. I like all the teams, they're fun to watch. A couple of the girl teams are regularly making me smile. And Marc... he is just HOT. Really. Last episode he took his shirt off for one of the tasks. Hm.

But the suggestion stands. I want MORE real people, like the husband and wife couple. Black American husband, and Philippina wife. She seems really American to me. I've been here in the Phils for two years, and I've never met anyone like her out here. I've met plenty in the US, though. They're called American women. Ha Ha. She's a Loud-mouthed tantrum throwing you-know-what. I love it. This week they're last, but I'm hoping they move up.

Marc and Rovilson. Sorry, but I hope you get ELIMINATED. Now, how much do you want to bet that Marc even auditioned for the host part when it came up in Asia? He looks like the host.

The AXN site for this show is pretty funny. It says on there that the host this season is going to be injecting his own edgy style into program this time around.

Ha ha. WHAT edgy style? He's exactly the same. My son and I joke about it every time he's on the screen. He did wear an interesting jacket one day. Was that it?

Anyway, I do love this show.

Pirate Master Death

AXN shows Pirate Master out here, and at the very end of the series a message flashed on a black screen "in memory of..."

Cheryl was one of the first Pirates voted off, but she came back in the end. Ben picked her to run the final expedition and their team ended up winning. This meant thousands of dollars for her. I found the following news blurb on the net.

A local celebrity and Deputy District Attorney has died.
35 year old Cheryl Kosewicz was found dead in her home on Friday just two months after her boyfriend took his own life.
Kosewicz was working as a Deputy District Attorney in Reno focusing on the prosecution of sexual abuse cases.
Kosewicz also starred in a survivor spin-off show called Pirate Master on CBS.
Officials told Kolo-8, the death is believed to be a suicide but is still under investigation.

I wonder if her job was too depressing. Of course, her boyfriend's suicide isn't so great, but she seemed like someone so tough who would despise that ending for herself. I understand all suicidal people, but she didn't fit the type at all, it seems to me...from my limited perspective.

Hope to see you in the new world...Cheryl.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Yes, Louis Theroux is Paul's son. Anderson Cooper is Gloria Vanderbilt's son. BUT Gary Tuchman is not related, it appears, to Barbara Tuchman. That's too bad for him, but really I'd be surprised if he was. It seems like he'd be a bit...brighter if he was. Sorry Gary.


Sorry guys! It's just that things have been so hectic with Daniel and well the Meades in general, and you know all the crazy things that have been happening at's all over the news.

Wait, that's not me...that's Ugly Betty. I need to get out more.
But yeah, I have been not able to get on the computer at all and I feel like a gigantic loser. I'm pretty bummed lately, because things just aren't going the way I would like them to.

Interestingly, I'm becoming a better person all the time and I just didn't think that was possible. Ha ha. I just wish I could be a honed individual without all the pointed experiences.

I keep coming back to this: the end of everything good to eachother. I mean that's really what everything boils down to.