Tuesday, June 12, 2007

"We Have No King But Ceasar"

I'll never ever forget the first time I read the Bible and then came to that point, that quote, the title of this post. It's what the Jews told Pontius Pilate...go ahead, make our day. The entire Bible up until that point had been the God of the Jews ordering them to worship him alone and stay separate from the world. It's what the whole thing is about...and then...this quote. We have no king but Ceasar. Forget Christ, they just disowned their own God by saying that.

: I just read an article about the Mormon church view of politics.
"In our view the first loyalty of a member of the Church in his role as a government official is to the nation and his constituency," he said.
"Even where the church has taken a firm or vigorous position on something, which we do occasionally, if a member as a government officer votes in a different way or contrary to the church's position there's no church censure, there's no church discipline applied," he said.

Yeah, We have no king but Ceasar. Thanks for making that clear. Although your actions have always made that clear. The devil offered Jesus all the kingdoms of the world and all the governments, the devil said they had been given to him... Jesus didn't argue that they weren't the devil's to give...but he did say no I don't want the governments, my kingdom is no part of this world. It is God alone you must worship. Religion in politics sickens me.

Here's another thing, I have yet to meet a Mormon that doesn't complain about paying taxes, and I met one who said taxes should be abolished. It would be nice if people claiming to be Christians read the Bible. Jesus picked up a coin and said, "Who's head is on this coin?" The answer was Ceasar's. Jesus said, "then pay back Ceasar's things to Ceasar and God's things to God." God is the one who owns your life and your service, not "your nation and your constituency", and Ceasar owns your money. That's according to the Bible. False religion is bassackwards.

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