Sunday, June 17, 2007

So, Theresa, You got jpod?

All this eluding to Douglas Coupland and the links on the side of your blog to Douglas Coupland news, what's really going on? Who is this person? What can you tell us?

Well in college I had to read Shampoo Planet for English, my introduction to the writing of D.C. We didn't discuss it much in class, and then had to write a final exam essay on it, and didn't know what the questions would be in advance. My essay kicked butt. The teacher used to teach at Stanford and holds a PhD. The college is located in a nice area, so teachers like to live there. This results in having an astounding local small college staff. Anyway, she wrote on my final, "you are the only one that really got this book."

And I did, Douglas Coupland writes for me and he reminds me of my friend Dave. He coined the now horribly misused term Generation X, that was the book title. He's an artist type that can't see things drably, even the drab he romanticizes[see Souvenir of Canada].

When my thinking gets too literal I need a Coupland antidote, or anecdote...whichever. Not that he isn't literal, but his windows have the right dressing. It's permission to be me, and there's not much media entertainment out there issuing these slips at the moment, especially to females. (Thank god for gay guys? -huh?)I need a hall pass to surreal thinking patterns that are so concrete they could be plans for a futuristic skyscraper (that doesn't scrape anything). I'm an accidental futurist so often and pained souls like me need the kindred spirits.

I'm in need of jpod and The Gum Thief, but I don't know if I can get them out here in the Phils.

BUT the reason for this post is to send readers to a very cool web page that must be played with and clicked, it's really fun and evil. Enjoy. The image of the cat is something I stole from the page ( you have to click around on there) title..."God is a Xkb state indicator"
There are also links on the page that pull up a google search for how to flip a skateboard, and one link to and pretty funny, this is rude joke on skateboarders (commercialism) but at a quick glance and scroll and my super speed reading abilities, it looks well written, and there are probably some suckers out there that don't get it, just a guess. It's interesting, but not my sense of humor. I don't know, I don't really care if things go commercial. And certainly the people that write this website, however intelligent in their own areas of expertise, seem pretty standard in keeping with the currently misogynistic times. Even if it's parody, it's likely just reinforcing their readerbase badbrains. I'm tired of jokes at the expense of women. We're not animals, we're people.
I'm a misogynist-o-meter in that if society is currently extreme in women hating and exploitation and control, I become more of a feminist automatically, which normally I'm not.
This is the thing about Douglas Coupland, is that all his media sends me on a thinking carnival ride.


davelafave said...

Oh for GAHD'S sake.

jedimasterbooboo said...

Dear Push Pull, What's THAT supposed to mean? Don't make me post a picture of you here. Which is completely unrelated to anything, but I feel like doing it. I'm going to have a tribute to push pull entry and post all your fabulous self portrait photos here. Especially, "Did Eve already bite this?" love that one. And if you dare pull out any highschool pictures of me, I'll'll pay whatever you want...destroy!