Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Yesterday morning on my jeepney ride to work, along the way I spotted Ace standing on the side of the road. She's one of my fellow teachers here. She got on the Jeep and sat next to me, we were kind of happy to see eachother, like little kids. Even though I make that hour long ride daily, and most of the other teachers also take a Jeepney in, we really don't see each other. There are so many jeeps available, it was actually an odd thing.

She lives pretty close to the school, it's 10 pesos for her, it's 35 for me. For some reason that morning I hadn't paid yet. Ace said, "Did you pay yet?" Nope. So she paid for my ride too! Now I like her even more than I already did.

She's pretty interesting, she's worked in Saudi Arabia and different places. She's from Davao, which I'm told is one of the most beautiful places on earth. It's in Mindanao, but for some reason it's totally safe for foreigners. An American guy told me that he's been all over the Philippines some places with armed guards, but for that place, he doesn't even need a guide. Ace said, yeah, that's true. Anyway, I like Ace, she's a sweetheart.

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