Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Is He Handsome? No! Just Good Looking

I've had girls insist that Rain not only isn't handsome, but he's also not good looking, yeah right! This is Rain by the way, in Korea he's called Bi, pronounced Bee. To me, Rain is hot. The girls like him and say, yeah he's talented and has a good body, but he's not cute, or handsome, or good looking, his eyes are too small.


In the past I've blogged about this adjective frenzy that the Koreans get into, having precise yet unexplainable definitions for beauty words. I've got news for them, Rain is handsome AND goodlooking, AND cute, and has a great body. Deal with it. The native speaker has spoken.

Rain is popular in Australia and has toured a bit in the US, he actually sold out at Madison Square Gardens, and venues in Las Vegas.

I know, I know, he's probably a couple years older than my son.

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