Sunday, June 17, 2007

"Mom Ibis"

This is a picture of some ibis, I'll get to that in a second. My youngest son, 12, is Autistic. He doesn't really talk, but he says a lot of things, like lines from movies, mostly. When he says these random things, he requires a certain response from anyone else he might be in the room with. He comes up to me and touches my chin showing me that he wants me to talk, and repeats himself again and again if I don't respond the right way. If I fail to say what he needs to hear altogether, he'll launch into a full scale tantrum. A typical routine goes like this:
T:"It's Showtime!"
Me: "The Incredibles"
T: "BYOB!"
Me:"Bugs Life"
T:"Hey little guy..."
Me: "Finding Nemo"

I have to say the right movie, or else. It's hard when he adds a new one, sometimes I don't know it and there's an emergency family conference with my older son who can almost always figure out what he's referring to. He also does songs, where I have to do the next line, and he does that when he's upset. He does Joni Mitchell, Simon and Garfunkel, a song from The Sound of Music, and lately some duran duran, but for some reason when he does that one he's not mad.

Another thing that he does, is he names an animal and I have to make the noise of the animal. So, he'll say "Mom dog" and I have to bark like a dog. "Mom horse" and I have to whinny or something. This gets irritating, it sounds easy, but then he says, "Mom penguin" ??? or "Mom giraffe", "Mom unicorn". I suppose I can make a horse sound for a unicorn.

He has this children's book with obscure animals that he tortures me with, "Mom ibis!" he demands. It's easy to make up a bird sound, but then he says, "Mom ermine" gasp!

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