Monday, July 2, 2007


Readers have come to expect a certain amount of unexpected delight from me, and this post should deliver. Today was definitely a Monday chock-full of everything that gives this day its reputation. So here's a graphic for you.

Last night I drank vinegar, and I know it's good for me, but I almost think I had the urge to drink it because I'm going a little fruit-loopy lately. Vinegar is good for digestion by the way, but I was craving it for some reason.

Today was a mess and I sailed through it, I think, with the help of the vinegar that I consumed last night. Let me dream. We have so many new students here today who are starting class tomorrow, it's chaotic. I did an unexpected training class for some new hires during my free period, but that was not before cleaning up floods, changing rooms, schedules, and eating way too much at lunch. Everytime my butt starts to look even kind of sexy, I eat something dumb.

Normally, I don't think about my appearence too much (and it's apparent), but I do tend to visualize my innards now and again, like the above photo. This is a strange all-over-the-place rambling post, but I just wanted to share the love.

Come on Tuesday...

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davelaFave said...

I've done vinegar shots before as well.
I do'nt love it but I don't mind it either.

As far as dreaming goes may I suggest a little concoction that always brings out the sharpest colors, most embedded themes and near lucidity?

As follows:
Black Tea (no cream, no sugar), anisette - black licorice will do and a complex B vitamin.
Maybe it's just me but dang if it doesn't work every time.