Friday, May 4, 2007

South Koreans Love Wentworth Miller

News is that Wentworth is going to China soon to help with an internet Chinese version of Prison Break. Following that story I came across this photo of Wentworth's March visit to South Korea to shoot photos for Bean Pole Jeans.

One of my students left here last week and emails me from the UK to say that her Prison Break watching days are over. She's staying at a home that does not have access to a channel that airs it, and internet access is not as easy-peasey Japanesey as it is in Korea where every one and everything is online all the time with probably the fastest connection speed worldwide. Korea has one giant internet system that is instantaneous. The students studying abroad here in the Philippines can hardly endure the connection speed here.

Anyway, Asia has Prison Break fever, but the Western world seems to be lukewarm to the show by comparison. Now, most students tell me that Heroes is better, so I'll try to catch that if I have access to it.

That's a pretty nice drawing he's holding there. What's he going to do with those teddy bears? I suppose give them to charity. I'm not sure why people give stars teddy bears. Maybe it's a controlling thing. They like to see their favorite star holding some huge stuffed bear that they gave them. I think it's weird. Better than giving him underwear though. Why do women do that? What's the point of giving your underwear to some guy, like he's going to wear them? A huge bear wearing your underwear would be weird also I guess. Okay that's enough.

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