Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Hundred Dollar Watermelon

My students tell me that there is a special melon in Kwangju (South Korea) that's 100 US Dollars.

I assure them that there is no watermelon worth that price.
But here's a picture. At least it's big!

And as for the watermeloney life in the Philippines, here's a couple of slices.
Sometimes people here put coins in their ears to carry them. They sit nicely in the ear like it was a slot designed for just that. Wish I had a picture.

Also, I got a 20 Peso bill yesterday and someone had inked on the back:
txtm8 wnted 095834058340 (and some long number, this one I just made up).

People here are obsessed with text messages. It seems noone wants to just sit and enjoy a jeepney ride, they feel naked if they're not glued to the cell phone texting every second. Texting and singing are the national pastimes.

Here are a couple of questions my Philippino collegues have asked me this week.
What does this mean, "Are you a chicken?"
Is it, 'Christmas is IN the air.' or 'Christmas is ON the air.' ?

The first answer is:
It means "Are you a coward?'
The second answer is:
'Christmas is ON the air,' means it's on the radio.


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davelaFave said...

I'm not a texter either.
It makes me feel old.