Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ok, I't's My Fault

I was caught off guard today with my 1:00 class. I forgot to give the speech before we watched something on a television. I was complacent, but this class is great, one of my favorites, with intellectually alive people, electrifying conversations...

Nevertheless, they are I.C.[name of college] students. For almost a year, I've had scads of them, more than 150 I would guess, groups coming and going. Different classes, different people with different abilities, but I always have to give the speech. It goes something like this:

'We are watching something on television today. It's still English class, as the program/movie/whatever will be in English, which is why I'm showing it.
It is not time to get up and wander around the hallways, poking your head into other classrooms and getting me in trouble. It is not time to "put your head down" on the desk. This has never not lead to sleeping. Sit up straight. No, what I'm showing isn't boring. If you don't understand something, that's what the pause button is for, you can ask me. I have chosen program/movie/whatever especially for this class and your level. It's entertaining and presenting English you are mostly familiar with in a relevant entertaining context so that you can reinforce your listening, comprehension skills. This dialog will zoom along the English pathways that your brain has already created making deeper impressions. I always pick something funny. I'll explain whatever you want me to explain. DO NOT FALL ASLEEP. This is an English class- this class did not end because I turned on this glowing box. Yes, I know that half of you in here don't need this speech, scolding and preemptive lecture. But you are only half the class which leaves another half certain to disrupt the rest of us and the learning process. No this is not above you and no this is not beneath you. Pay attention.'

So, I forgot, but these guys are my friends man! I didn't think...

Well this is what I got...

This isn't my photo, I got it off the internet. Incidentally, there are tons of photos out there of 'students sleeping' -funny.
You want to know the kicker? This is what we were watching:
Come on people, and no I'm not sorry that the rest of us were laughing so hard that it startled you out of your slumber.

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