Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Rate Your Students Part II

I'm reading more of today, now my eyes are bloodshot and my vision is blurry, but it's got me itching to write a post. Yesterday we had no power all day, so I'm glued to my screen today.

Uh, that site could actually drag a person down if read too much, student or teacher. Most of the complaints are the same, written in different styles, some clever.

I was thinking I should use the format to offer a slice of the school life to my blog, but I can't think of any interesting biting things to say. I feel so positive about my students, except for the very few who were rude, and I can't think of anything interesting to say about those few instances. They're just sad.

So I guess I can write some happy boring ones.

S- Why are you always smiling? As soon as you come in in the morning you shout a big happy greeting to everyone. It makes me happy. I know you don't know this, but your movie reviews are hilarious. I've got to get you on you tube.

J- Why are you such an enthusiastic student even though you are still at the elementary level in English, according to the demonic TOEIC gods? Why aren't you like some other students who use this as an excuse for being dolts? Why are you so creative and such a stereo-type breaker for Korean guys? I didn't care about stereotypes in the first place, but you had to break them anyway. I know you're leaving soon and I'm really going to miss you. Really Really. Thanks for the CD that you burned for me.

H- You left so soon! You're the only student here who has gotten away with staring at his cell phone throughout all of his classes in their entirety. Staff plays along that you are using a cellphone dictionary because you're a good guy who participates anyway. Thanks for the laughs.

P- I know you hate your major, but it's interesting and proves that you're a brainiac to be reckoned with. I know English is your third language, but you're doing great, do you have to be so humble? I know that your dorm mates wish your pajamas covered more and that you simply wore them in bed, but what would we talk about in class if you didn't trepse around the dorms at night in your underoos? I'm glad we got use of the word "horny" straightened out today, we don't want you guys misusing that.

N- I can't believe all the stuff you've eaten. I'm working on a blog entry just for that. But you still haven't topped J who has eaten monkey brains.

D- You're an Enlgish major and are scared to talk to me? Actually I'd have to feign suprise on that. I've run in to it before.

M- I can't believe you have a huge tatoo of a tiger on your back, nobody can. It's such a big deal in Korea, they think you're all ready for Yakuza. If your dad finds out what you did, you'll have your chance to join Yakuza, cuz you'll be swimming across the "East Sea" to get away from him. I guess there will be certain restrictions to your military duty as well, although I'm having a hard time understanding what S was telling me about that. What do I think? Hate tatoos, love commotion.

T- You are the loudest person I've ever heard here at the college. And that includes your friend N. You win. Your voice is like a sonic boom that travels through my nervous system like science fiction. I'm scarred for life. Don't be embarrassed. I know the things you said to me at the party were just a translation issue. I hope you never lose your bounce.

N You are hilarious and I wish I had your life sometimes. I can't believe all the places you've been and the things you've done. I was just joking about wanting to meet your wife. It was fun to see you sweat a little.

J I know you're long gone, but thanks for recommending Prison Break 5,000 times. Many other students have come after you with the same advice, but you were the first.

W- I saw the pictures. Everyone else was wearing the big baggy swim trunks. But not you. The swim cap and the goggles were a nice addition to the speedos. Ironicly, you're the one worried about your dorm-mate's pajamas. I enjoyed hearing about your engineering design job in Korea, don't worry about failing to make that shower-bath for babies. At least you have good stories to tell.

S- We were worried at first the way you shook when you spoke. You were so nervous we thought you were going to fall over. Eventually, it stopped. You've got to be the sweetest thing I've ever taught. Your goodbye card made me cry. Sorry I kind of accidentally gave you the wrong url to my blog.

B- How many gadgets can you possibly have in that designer bag of yours? Thanks for pulling out the PMP that day I wasn't feeling well and letting me watch MatchPoint while you did independant study. That was a pretty good movie. And don't listen to these guys saying that you're fat. They're crazy to say that...because you're rich. They should be kissing your butt. And your size in the US is like...uh...5? Yes, you're legs are big, but so what? I loved the way you teased the guys until they wanted to cry. They deserved it. And I've NEVER seen a human being chug beer like that before, man, woman or beast. Nobody. I know English is your major, but boy, if beer were English...

F- Thanks for pretending to shoot me after the Cho Seung Hui thing. We all needed a laugh.

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