Monday, May 14, 2007

Blog Browsing- the Inferiority-Superiority Complex

So today I'm browsing through blogs and being punished for it. What's with all the bleary eyed mother's day nonsense? I'm a mother, so what? Boring blogs.

Well, I'm either underwhelmed with the babble or intimidated by "everyone" being more clever and talented than I am. Then I hit another obligatory mother's day post and remember how awesome I am for not posting something dumb and boring about mother's day.

There's a lot of foreign language blogs on here also. Can't read them.

I love/become jealous of funny stuff on blogs. One I stumbled onto had the opening title..."chronicling the fall of western civilization with my one 'good' eye"
BWAHH. Hilarious. Then disappointment on reading, he's one of those current youth who are overly concerned that people are too nice to each other nowadays. Barf. Find a real cause, thank you. (See how I reflexively offer a 'thank you'?, More kudos to me.)

So with that superior air, I click on Next Blog. I wonder if I should stop using the capital 'I' because some pretty decent writers out there are just using i. "i had orientation today." It seems so streamlined. Nah, it would bug Me. After awhile i would hate it. I'm also reminded that I sneer at people who think they're clever for using the 'f' word. So Me, feeling clever that I don't use the f-word click 'Next Blog'...

I clicked in to this blog about "niggers". Blogger is very concerned that 'nigger crime' doesn't get enough coverage. A typical rant about how he's an oppressed minority opens it up. Oh, and Jews get a fair mention as the conspirators. I wish people like that had a sense of irony. If it weren't for crazies like him, there would never be an overly correct mistake made in the name of race equality. He's the cause of his own problem. Gee fool, dja ever wonder how the pendulum got to swingin so far? Hmm...
Again, I feel superior to be me.

I have a decent picture of my superior self I'm wanting to put up here, but it's going slow. I'm technologically challenged at this location. I feel so inferior.

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