Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jerry Falwell Dead!

WOW. I didn't know he was 73! Actually nowadays that's a young age to die.

He's 'lucky' that there's no eternal torment for souls in a burning hellfire. That teaching is not in the Bible. Of course he didn't know that. I doubt he studied it very much.

Jerry Falwell was a creep of a man spreading false religion around in the most hateful terms. One of the leaders of the American Taliban.

He will rest in peace, because God is kinder than I am.

I just read he was the grandson of an athiest and son of an agnostic.
I am granddaughter of an athiest and daughter of an athiest.
I believe that Jerry Falwell was also an atheist because he didn't seem to care if he was misrepresenting God. If you know people who truly revere a creator, you can tell the difference in spirit right away. He treated his religion like politics and a worldly pursuit. He put forth a religious philosophy, but not true worship and reverential fear of a creator.

People who really love God don't crusade against others, it's just a fact. This little rant here may seem like a crusade, but I have ignored Jerry Falwell on the whole. The Bible's first (and almost only) angry target is false religion, especially people who claim to represent Him directly. So I don't pull any punches when it comes to people who have done so much damage to the reputation of the Bible. But I still try to watch myself. Rarely did Jerry Falwell behave as though he was being watched.

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