Monday, May 21, 2007

Mass at the Mall/ Rate Your Students

There's a sign at the mall here when you enter. Celebrate Mass here at Robinson's every Sunday.

So they have a Catholic Mass here at the mall.
That's all.
Today on blogger blogs of note, the pick is I checked it out, it's pretty funny. It's just teachers venting with creative essays, you can't take it too seriously.

They get jaded with their jobs. I think that repetition makes people vent, and they've got students with the same habits every semester. This site is in response to and the student-as-consumer mentality.

I read it at school today for awhile, so now I'm thinking back to college and things that I did right and wrong. I'm glad that I don't resemble the students described at speaking. I wasn't an excuse maker, but I was a pain to a couple of teachers I think .

Also, I'm reminded again how favorable the dynamics are here where I'm teaching. My students are university level (and higher) who have travelled abroad to study here. Generally that translates as highly motivated. We're also not starting at rock bottom with their English skills. Typically, they can speak functional English when they arrive.

My class today, we discussed the site. They said in Korea, they have the same sites. A student told me that, indeed, with teacher evaluations, if he got a low grade, he rated the teacher low. We also talked about plagiarism. He admitted to copying things off the Internet.

My classes have no homework and exams, just attendance. *Whew*. I used to make exams here and I'm so glad I don't do that anymore.

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