Friday, May 25, 2007

Hair Do

Oh, I found a map. There's Lemery, but I live in Taal. The map makes it look huge, but these are tiny places.
I rarely if ever post a blog entry on the weekend, butI have business this Saturday morning that's delayed due to computer issues at the place in question. So, hot and dirty I'm trepsing throuh Lemery and I decide to get my hair shampooed because it's feeling hot and dirty, but not in a good way.

I poked my head in a couple of places, but they were barber shops with a bunch of men. Seemed like a hassle, so I ended up back at the original appointment place and noticed upstairs that there was a salon with posters up of women with modern hairdos. So I checked it out. There was nobody in the place, and a guy came and opened the door for me. I told him what I wanted, and I think he was nervous about me speaking English, but nothing I said was that difficult, so we managed. I said, yeah, I want my hair washed, and a little bit trimmed. He sat me down in the chair and put my hair up, I was a little confused because usually the washing comes first. He said, nope trim first. Ok.

He plopped three magazines down in front of me. Two FHMs and a Men's Health. The FHM issue on top of the stack is the Sexy Asian Babes issue. "What, no Maxim?", I complained (just kidding).
Ok. I asked him, do mostly men come to this shop? He said, 'no' and seemed puzzled by the question.
Ok... He put the music on, which was some club song about sex.

So then it starts, "How old are you?"
He affects a surprised expression.
I don't play along, the conversation bores me.
I said, "see.." and pointed to gray hairs, "that's why I have these"

When I was 33 I understood people being shocked at how old I was. It wasn't an act, I looked younger. But now I'm 36 and it's just a game when people act like I look younger. It makes me uncomfortable because I'm growing more vain. I never used to be that way. It's only been three years, but it's been 3 dog years.

After styling he says, "Now you look 25 years old."
Yeah, that's why you gave me hairstyle that looks like a woman in her 50's who's running for president.

Afterwards, I'm sitting here in the internet cafe next door. Downstairs is where I should be, but the computers are down, I'll check back in 30 minutes or so. They've got a great radio station playing in here. I'll be here awhile.

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