Monday, May 28, 2007

Little Finger- Pinky

This morning I came to work and some staff started shouting my name, "Theresa! Theresa! What's this?". Grace and a few other teachers were showing me their little finger. "What's this called, the little finger?" Someone offered, "Index?" No, that's a pinky finger.
And then I'm thinking, why in the world is that called a 'pinky' finger? So I looked it up on wiki and the pedia says that the word comes from Dutch. In Dutch, pink means little finger, so in English that was adopted and changed to pinky.

It feels nice to be needed here. I hope they never discover the internet. :)

Update: I asked one of my students if he knew the name of the little finger. He held his up and said, "uh...children finger". Funny.

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