Sunday, July 15, 2007

BAD TIGERS! link to the game news.

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Well, I watched the Manly Sea Eagles (Yes, that's their name) beat the Wests Tigers, and the Tigers didn't take it so well. I've been watching rugby now and again, and it's pretty interesting. This game would have ceased to exist a long time ago were it not for the sportsmanship and decorum of the players, because the nature of this game involves a lot of contact between players. Almost every run ends in a group tackle, it's part of the game. Yet, the players wear no pads at all, just shorts and t-shirts. Some players choose to wear padded headgear, most do not.

I've been impressed with the rough, forceful, serious yet noble actions of these players. Without proper decorum this game would have evolved into the armor-wearing game of American football, or vanished altogether.

Now, let me talk about the Tigers. Those babies. They only had FOUR points during the game and lost with a total of FOUR points. Disgraceful. More disgraceful was their conduct during this time-honored game. Shame on them. They became extremely aggressive to the other team, but where did it get them? Nowhere, FOUR POINTS baby.

They need to grow up and join the rest of the MEN that play this game, or move to America and see if they can cut it with the ex-cons (and current-cons) of the NFL.

And one more far as all the sports I've seen goes. Rugby players are the hottest. That's all.


ed said...

Yeh rugby is fairly disaplined over here, and it ofeten gets VERY emotional.
One good clip to chow this is the game between England and might know we have a bit of a history...
But England came to play us in a stadium in Dublin in which foreign games had been banned since our independence, and our crowd shoed them hows its vocal form.

We also beat them prrrretty badly

jedimasterbooboo said...

Wow, interesting. The bald guy looks like he's singing at his dead mother's funeral. Well you've managed to meet maybe the most anti-nationalist person in cyberland! I hate nationalism, but people tend to excuse me because I'm American. I don't know if Irish have permission to not be nationalists the way Koreans aren't given peer permission either. What's also really interesting are the comments under the clip, and the other You Tube rugby stuff that comes up with this. Thanks. Very good.

jedimasterbooboo said...

Well, I just saw a rugby fight on there where some of those players should have been prosecuted and put in jail. A Red team. And the commenters underneath that video are complete retards. I hope I never have to see anything like that when I'm watching these games. Mom has spoken.

Yoopergirl said...

I read a story on today about a rugby player who had a run-in with another rugby player, and 3 months later he found he had a tooth stuck in his forehead. It was from Australia.

That's my input on Rugby. Carry on.