Sunday, July 22, 2007

Really Unwell

Some days I wish I was less like Seven of Nine, "You will not engage me in further irrelevant conversation!", sheesh girl, grow a heart. But I've been really unwell the last few days, and today I wish I was more like 7 of 9.

It looks like I need a doctor's visit and I'm scared, don't want to go. I might have to quit the job, if they don't get rid of me first. The issues are kind of yucky, I will say that my ear infection isn't helping the other things, and I might be deaf in my left ear now.

Oh well, we'll see. But there's been quite a few things going on in the news that I'd like to blog about, all I can do for now is apologize and say I'm feeling terrible, so I don't forsee an interesting blog entry soon. Sad face.

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