Saturday, July 21, 2007

You Live In A Zoo...

Add this to the list of exotic creatures in my house.
We have lots of cockroaches. We have mice, lizards that scale the wallls, and we've had two frogs so far. Add scorpions, and some strange insect with huge pincers that looks like a scorpion, but is not a scorpion. Add spiders that are so big and strange you'd think they were laytex. I went into the kitchen yesterday and a little brown bat was hanging from the cabinet. My son was fascinated with it, and I have Jeff Corwin to thank for my son not being terrified.

That's all I can think of for now, I'm sure I've forgotten something. We sleep inside nets, I wouldn't dare sleep without a net. No way. I've already woken up several nights with a mouse running around my bed inside the net. Yikes, that's scary at night. Anyway, there it is. My students told me, "You live in Jew!" and that's exactly how they say it. Me:"What?" Them:"You live in Jew!"
Jew! Jew!
"Yes, your house is Jew!"
If you say a Z like a J you are speaking Chinese, not English. Then we practice the Z sound, which is hard for them, as that sound is not in their language.

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