Monday, July 2, 2007

I'm Watching You, Girl!

I really want to swear right now, and that's another thing the devil makes me feel like doing when I bump heads with him. I'm stunned . I just found out that one of my blog entries has been linked to by three websites one of which is HANNITY DOT COM.... Yeah, as in Sean Hannity, as in the devil's shoe shiner. That guy.

What did I do to deserve this? It's a post from March 2007 about the New Bedford Immigration Raid. I made some one dimensional conservative comment, and boom. Well, in this case, it looks like illegal immigrants actually were doing jobs that citizens could be doing. BUT not all illegal immigration can be painted with the same brush. It's a whole different chunk of cheese in California.

The thing that freaks me out is I have NO WAY of knowing when someone links to my blog, I found it on accident. It's not in my editing capabilities here to see that.

I make one little right-wing observation and the devil just can't sit still. I pay for everything I do, I swear. And just so none of you are mislead by popular religious non-sense, according to the Bible, the devil would look a lot more like this than the above photo. Look at him looking so perfect in this imperfect world (evil)! Smoking cigarettes (evil), having coffee with t, probably spying on me (possibly evil) in a dress I would LOVE to have (evil) can you doubt his real identity? [Dave, I know that with this particular criteria you could also qualify as the devil, but don't worry.]


davelaFave said...

True, I am NOT the Devil but I did do some adjunct work for him in the early 90's.


Stephanie said...

Hahahaha... not gonna comment about the blog. Just gotta say, LOOK, its Brad Pitt in a dress!!!

jedimasterbooboo said...

Yeah, and it's a great dress, and he looks better in it than I would.