Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Really Quickly

A clarification on illegal immigration.

Illegals come in all shapes and sizes for different reasons doing different things. I'm not really concerned about this issue, it's not a pet topic of mine.

The group that concerns me is migrant farm workers, but I think that nowadays most of these guys are properly documented. I'm not sure but I think that's the case. If so, then the subject of illegal immigration doesn't really appeal to me.

My hatred for greedy business practices superceeds any concern I would have for illegal aliens. Labor issues are close to my heart and illegals working because business owners are cheap greedy law breakers is not okay, bust those suckers!

As far as the new hotly debated legislation goes, a 5,000 dollar fine and all the red tape (including a trip home?) that these people have to go through doesn't sound like amnesty to me.

As far as hating Sean Hannity goes, I'll not apologize for that. He's an asshat.

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