Saturday, July 14, 2007

Future Links

One of my friends has started her own blog, and I've been checking it everyday for an update, she must be busy this week. Anyway, it's got me thinking...I'm probably going to change my layout soon and add a LINKS list on the side of my page. Another incentive for me is that I have some blogs I check all the time, one of them is ED's from Ireland, and he has links on the side of his page.

For now I'll just plug a couple by listing them here. This internet cafe is getting on my nerves, and I'll leave soon. Although this keyboard is GREAT. Anyway...


http://themuppettshow.blogspot.comThis is my friend Stephanie's blog. She lives on the central coast of California and works for the number one shipping company in the US, who shall remain nameless (I always say that and I don't know why.-It's UPS.)She's a technical specialist. This is Ed's blog, he's a young guy from IRELAND! (How exciting is that?) I always check in to see what he's saying lately. From there you can see his other blog "wise words" which just has quotes, that's the first page I found. I really couldn't believe that he was as young as he is. I was a drooling moron at that age. I don't think I could have strung two sentences together. His mom should be very proud of him.

There's another blog I read called Mentations of the unsettled woman...or something. I have to find that link. She's a goregeous Filippina professional blogging her daily life and observations.

So soon I might start gathering links at the side here, if I've forgotten any let me know!

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La NiƱa said...

Thank you for the lovely compliments T! :)