Thursday, July 26, 2007

Excuse Me!

Covered Body in the Pickup.
I hate to interrupt, but one of the South Korean hostages in Afghanistan has been excecuted. It's not on Yahoo news when I log in, and so I went to CNN dot com.
Here's what was there:

Latest News
Vick pleads not guilty to dogfight charges
FBI head, Gonzales differ on hospital showdown
NASA suspects space-bound kit sabotaged
Men framed by FBI for murder to get millions
Family tries avoiding everything 'Made in China' (by the way, CNN, the Corporate News Network, is on a Jihad lately against China, that's another entry...yes I know there are concerns, but the news coverage is laughable. I mean look at's not even about the issues, it's about scaring people- How To Avoid Chinese Products...shame)
Report: Drunk astronauts allowed on shuttle
Gene therapy patient dies; trial shut down
CNNMoney: Dow suffers 2nd worst day of 2007
KPHO: Man accused of Tom Cruise extortion plot
Ticker: Clinton on Obama: This is getting 'silly'
Pilots blamed for Kentucky plane crash
High-speed pursuit ends in a fiery crash
500-pound man told he's too fat to adopt
Big, odd and useless projects that failed
CNN Wire: Latest updates on top stories

OK, this is distressing. So I clicked on the international CNN page:

Here is the international page for CNN
Top Stories
Afghans enter hostage negotiations
Tour rolls on in shadow of scandal
Thousands arrested in Zimbabwe
Men framed by FBI get millions
Blast at desert spaceport kills 2
Pilots blamed in Comair crash
Wires cut in space-bound computer
9/11 rescue dog dies of cancer
Drunk astronauts 'let on shuttle'
Emotions flow after nurses return
CNN Wire: Updates on world's top stories

Excuse me, but what?
The Bush administration promised that they were going to Iraq to fight "them over there". So people said, "How come Iraq? I thought Afghanistan..."
"Shhh" they said, "You don't love America."
"Mr. Bush, are you going after Osama Bin Laden?"
"Saddam Hussein is a bad guy."
"Yes, we knew that when you put him in his regime...any way...Osama.."
"You hate America. We are fighting them over there."

One day back in the Clinton administration, Bill bombed Afghanistan. Remember? Or maybe we don't remember because that was during zippergate. People said, oh, look wag the dog. Well, no Afghanistan was important zippergate was not.

He was bombing Osama Bin Laden's hideout and missed him. He had no support as the country was torn apart by Kenneth Starr's Whitewater rampage that ended in nothing useful whatsoever for anyone. Bill left office, and passed on the documents to Bush about what was up with Bad Boy Bin Laden. We know what happened next. Nothing, and then something...9/11

Now ITS NOT EVEN NEWS that the Taliban in Afghanistan continually kidnap and sometimes excecute people.
So HOW about fighting them OVER THERE?


Go get these people, or you're over there for nothing.
Oh yeah, we already knew that.

Why are South Korean troops in Afghanistan? You think SOUTH KOREA has some beef with the Middle East? They're supporting US troops. I see in the news today that there is fighting going on there, and some Taliban have been taken out...and some NATO troops have gone down.

My question is, at the very least, why is this not a big news story in the US?
The US is the one that should be busting those hostages out or negotiating. I know that I don't fully understand the current Afghanistan situation, but I know that it's our beef (US) and others are supporting the cause. Shouldn't they be helped?

LIARS Bush, Cheney and the whole Lot of you.

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I absolutely love what you said's a shame isn't it?? F!