Tuesday, October 16, 2007

They Rule


Go here, it's a flash program from 2004 that can map connections between corporations. It's TRIPPY.

I was on that site, I didn't really understand how it worked...I clicked "find connection" on the side and two boxes appeared allowing me to choose two companies from a list of hundreds. I randomly chose Ford Motor Company and Dow Chemical.

It quickly came up:
Ford Motor Company-Ellen R. Marram- Eli Lilly-Martin S. Feldstein, PH.D. -HCA- Harold T. Shapiro- Dow Chemical.

This is ...what? 5 degrees of separation?
Go play with it. Of course, know that it's from 2004 and all these board members and associates change constantly. In fact, the path that they move along is fascinating in itself. Some of them will wind up on government boards and committees, into fox/henhouse situations.

Then I found this- my old job is connected to Exxon

Exxon Mobile- Wells Fargo- Target -UPS
There's a person in between each company.

Then we have
Exxon Mobile- Pfizer- Time Warner

That's interesting.
I'm going back to play with it.

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