Sunday, October 21, 2007

Penelope Cruz

It doesn't really bother me that Penelope Cruz is ugly, I mean who am I to judge...but I was disturbed to learn from reliable internet sources that she is possibly the worst person who ever lived. She's a bad person. Baby seal clubber is the only atrocity I'll repeat here, because this is a family blog.


ed said...


Anonymous said...

What is your source? As far as I know, Penelope Cruz is a vegetarian, has donated a ton of money to charity, supports adoption, etc.

I also disagree with her being ugly. She is one of the only people in Hollywood that I find to be truly attractive.

Anyway, just curious to find out where you heard these things, so I can find out more for myself. I figured I would leave a comment, since I recently noticed that I don't have to sign up here in order to do so =)

-Eric S

jedimasterbooboo said...

I feel kind of sorry for you if you can't tell that's a joke and a picture of Nicholas Cage.

I have a good friend named Eric S. ! I don't think you're him, though...he'd get the joke. The only question is...why pick on her of all people? No reason 'tall.

Anonymous said...

No, I got that it was a joke picture and all. I just didn't actually know if you thought she was a horrible person or not. If it was sarcasm, then well played. If not, I still want sources :P

And yes, this is Eric S, your friend from the great state of Cali.

jedimasterbooboo said...

Dude, ! I'm so excited that you're reading my blog, welcome! I'm ROFLMAO right now, - not AT you, but at the thought that someone in to death metal with friends in a band called "Shaken baby syndrome" would be hello, excuse me, are you quite sure that Penelope Cruz clubs baby seals, I heard she was an inch away from a Nobel Peace Prize...stupid Al Gore! '...and such. Now that I know you like her, too I have even more reason for my faux jealous rampage.