Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I was checking out local news from back home, and I found this story. There's a lot of news lately, why put this on my blog? Because I think sometimes people wonder why I'm hard on police, and soldiers and the like.

It's because I've seen what happens when they do THE RIGHT THING. Outsiders tend to think that a police officer or a soldier always just does what they have to and if something tragic happened, oh well.

But really...this story shows a high level of competence and compassion that should be commended, regardless of what happens to the individual. It's possible he needs to be committed. It's rarely for certain whether someone should be murdered.

I believe that in another city, with the suspect being another race we may have seen another outcome. But I'm not complaining, just commending. This is a job well done.

Fake Gun or Look Alike?
The man waving a gun at a local grocery store on Friday gave everyone a scare. A local SWAT team worked to figure out if Ralph Provident had a real gun or a fake. This answer could make the difference between life or death for any suspect in a similar situation.
Police have only moments to figure out if a weapon is authentic before a potential disaster occurs.

Provident is now facing misdemeanor charges for the one hour spectacle which backed up traffic but didn't cause any injuries. Officials shot him with a bean bag after one hour of negotiations and finding out he had a pellet gun.
KEY NEWS Reporter John Palminteri speaks with law enforcement to figure out key signs to show if a gun is real or not.


Good Stuff.
EDIT: OOOPS ACTUALLY, I FORGOT...THIS DID HAPPEN IN FLINT MICHIGAN, A BLACK MAN WEARING A CAPE, WHO CLEARLY WAS IN NEED OF MENTAL HEALTH HAD A PLASTIC RIFLE HE WAS WAVING AROUND AND THE POLICE JUST SHOT HIM DEAD AND THEN SNEERED ABOUT HIM TO THE CAMERAS. This was caught on film all by chance during the filming of "Roger and Me", which is a documentary about trying to talk with the CEO of General Motors. They just left ithe footage in the documentary because it was interesting.

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