Sunday, October 14, 2007

Interesting! Cave Survivors.

I'm reading Yahoo news and one of the top stories is: "Student cave explorers are found safe."

That reminds me of my guys here. They saw alot of things this weekend, one of the most exciting was the cave tour. The cave was a real Indiana Jones type experience. (Actually their travel just to get to these spots was pretty Indiana Jones!)

At some points they had to some points they were in water up to their chests holding their backpacks over their heads. Gyu said he saw a crab with no eyes. There were a gazillion bats (actual number)and meters of bet guano underneath. At some points the rock was so slippery that they had to crawl, so they got nice juicy bat guano on their hands.

Gyu was a bit concerned because the guide had a gas light that he held with one hand and nothing else. If that gas light hit the ground and broke, that was it they were in a pitch black cave miles from the opening. Hopefully the guide would have bat vision and super bat-guide skills if he dropped the lantern.

There was also a waterfall. The guide cost was 800 pesos, so 400 each, which is almost 10.00 dollars each. Pretty good. Their entire weekend cost each of them 60.00.

Oh, the hospital bill: Gyu just went to the hospital this morning because this weekend a bug flew into his ear and lived overnight at least and may have flown out the next day, we don't know. But the "damned insect" as Gyu calls it...may have laid eggs, so he's getting that checked out. That story was funny because I think Gyu thinks that the name of the bug is "damned insect"...because he says it without inflection and he says it every time, the whole time he's telling the story. "So I go hospital second class check damned insect. Damned insect may have laid eggs." "I sleep then at 4am damned insect started crawl." He was just relaying the facts.
At lunch maybe he'll update me on the damned insect.

UPDATE: It was still there. One of the teachers told me the doctor removed it. Gyu didn't save it, and they didn't film it! Rats!

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