Monday, October 1, 2007

Mad as #$%%!

I've had it!
I just saw a video from the BBC World about a North Korean defector who has commit suicide. I'm so angry with all the tragic stories of these defectors, it's so unjust. What they go through is horrid. To put up this blog entry I searched for photos of "North Korean defectors" and I found this terrible photo of a woman in China trying to make it through the gates of an embassy and the Chinese gestapo, two of them pulling her down, one has her from behind, the other is blocking the gate. On the other side of the fence is her tiny little girl who made it through watching the whole thing. If you type in North Korean Defectors on Yahoo and click images you can see it, but I couldn't steal it for the blog, it didn't work.

That woman in the photo is likely dead now. She was sent back to NK, and usually there is an excecution. Yeah, I'm pissed at China, but they're quite open about their stupidity. I'm mad at South Korea which is where the defectors go to commit suicide after being treated like shit by South Koreans. I'm mad at the USA, but to know why one would have to follow the involvement of the US in the situation. South Korea is like the little brother who can't make a move without the US big brother, and big brother is kind of an ass. The US doesn't even treat South Korea with that much respect, especially when compared to Japan.

HELP these people...anyone...
I mean how much sense does it make to condemn North Korea if we don't Let The People GO!?!

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