Sunday, October 14, 2007

Gyu is Alive!

Ok, major blog entry coming! Right after I wrote the previous blog entry and was sad... Gyu and Abel came in to school looking a bit worn but with huge smiles.

They took a very risky trip this weekend, and I wondered if they'd come back alive. He just spent almost two hours telling me about it. Abel has photos and video, I'm going to do whatever I can to tell the story and get the pictures up here.

A LOT of our students are not the adventurous types. Once in awhile we get the back packers in here and I love it. Them: least likely to complain, most likely to experience things here and then talk about it. Also: least likely to stare at you blankly during class. ME: I like them.

Once, Gyu took off to Manila by himself and ended up getting drugged and robbed by a local. That was an interesting story and proved all the other overly cautious Koreans here right. I found it strange because hundreds of students come and go, they do lots of things here and ride jeepneys freely, but this particular group is like; "Jeepneys not safe for Koreans.", I'm like: "What?" This particular group thinks they're going to get killed as soon as they walk outside. I roll my eyes.

So what happens? Ugh! Gyu, why?!? He ends proving them right (kind of). Anyway, that didn't deter him from planning other adventures.

Gyu and Abel went to the north of the Philppines to see the rice terraces and some caves, and it's something that the local teacher here said he wouldn't do. It's quite a story.

I love this picture...he's so tired, but it was all worth it.

Here's Abel.


fortuitous faery said...

this must be from sagada! i've never been there but it is a must-see destination up north. i hear the terrain that leads to that place is quite dangerous.

they are brave backpackers!

jedimasterbooboo said...

Yeah, I changed the photo...fortuitous faery was commenting on a hanging coffin photo that I'm posting in another entry. I just got this picture of Gyu so I replaced it.

But Yes, they went to Sagdal.