Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Working Relationships

My relationships at work are starting to bear some fruit. There's a different feeling here toward me since, 'the incident'...the drama.

I work with a young guy who is a controversial character. I'm glad people around here have more than one American example to go by. Well a couple of weeks ago his whole world just about came crashing down. Yes, it was by his own stupidity, but...

I went to the line for him and told the rest of the staff in a meeting that he did not say what some students are reporting that he said. It was a misunderstanding, and they should drop it. The teacher (Memo) was vindicated, the students in question later apologized. The staff and many students were ready to believe any bad thing about him. Why? I don't understand why people don't care about what's right. He's offended people, so they won't think about what's right, or what's true.

He is a self-centered opinionated racist. That doesn't mean that he's guilty of every charge leveled against him. The staff has seen my debates and exasperation with him. I managed to keep our discussions upbeat, but they knew I wasn't a fan.

When I stood up for him, it carried a lot of weight. I think that a couple of people here still hold grudges against him, but I am treated differently now. I was liked just fine before, but now there is this affection in the air. It's different, nice.Why? Maybe what I did showed heart, I don't know. I think I always show heart. I'm wrong about perceptions of me, alot. I tend to think people know that I'm sensitive and kind. Looking at it objectively, though, I shouldn't assume that if I haven't done anything to show that. I think that I constantly display my heart, and perhaps I don't. Whatever the case, there's a lotta love coming my way lately. I'ts beyond the joking around atmosphere I'm used to.

A couple of the girl students that I have never had in my class (who also knew the truth about the incident)approached me, "Did you say that about Memo? You believe Memo?" Yes, I answered. "Memo cried." they told me. He was touched that I was speaking for him.

The offender is much more mellow now, and leans on me like a big sister. I hear that the students like to complain that he's a bad teacher, but he's got them in there right now cracking up. It echoes down the halls. He's just learning that's all.

Funny, I was just finished writing that and hung my head a little and didn't hear him sneak up next to me. "You look depressed!" he said, concerned.

Actually, just today I am. It's a passing thing and something that I need to go through. I feel dejected from time to time that not attributing bad motives to people is actually a rare quality. That fact just blindsides me when something crops up. I'm surprised every time I'm faced with it. But will the day I learn that lesson once and for all be the day that my spirit deflates once and for all?

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