Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I'm recovering from my "collapse" last week, but really taking it easy. I feel slow and calm, at times in pain. I'm minimizing all my activities and only focusing on the important. I didn't feel like I was doing that much, really, but it turns out that every little bit of energy counts.

I enjoy keeping up on the news, but will be limiting how I do so. There are plenty of news links on the web, and the science news on Yahoo has been interesting lately. I'm working on curbing the desire to share news and discuss it with others, although I feel that's been stimulating. I love getting feedback from angles I had never thought of before from people smarter than me. But...with people come(s) stress. So enough of that for now. Narrow-mindedness and grudge holding just stresses me out.

There are lots of people in my life that are needing emails from me to update them and they've been neglected. I need to focus on that in my spare time, and not swimming with sharks.

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