Sunday, March 25, 2007

Barbara Walters-Oprah-Anderson Cooper

On Star World there is a commercial for an upcoming Barbara Walters Special, the 10 most fascinating people of...I don't know...the last 10 years, or something. In the commercial there is a clip of her saying "bootie-licious" and I think it's very weird.

Oprah had Anderson Cooper on for his book, Dispatch from the Edge, or something along those lines. Wow what a cool guy. There's the perfect guy. And I think he might be gay. It's just something I heard somewhere. My son LOVES Anderson Cooper. He reports to me regularly, 'Anderson Cooper was here today, Anderson Cooper was doing such and such.' And just the tone of my kid's voice and his seriousness. He just turned 13 awhile back, and it's so cute. Oprah was about to come on and he was lobbying/bullying for a change to another channel. Then they announced who was going to be on the show, and he said. "oh." and sat back in his chair. Proud parent momment. My son's life: No dad to speak of, special needs brother that almost killed himself accidentally many times. He's overseas among the poor. He watched Anderson talk about his life and I don't know what he was thinking, but I think that AC has become even more special to my son. He had already felt a connection to Anderson before learning about his life.

Also, we're huge Jeff Corwin fans and I guess Jeff has been on Anderson Cooper's show quite a bit lately.

Then Oprah wrapped it up with talking about how the internet is not safe for young people. They showed how you could just contact people easily through myspace. I think parents are dumb. I said, "See I'm a smart parent, that's why your life is boring."

"My life's not boring." he said. And he said it quickly, too. Proud parent momment number two within the space of one hour.

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