Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Prison Break

Well tonight is the premire of Prison Break on Star World. I'm excited because I know it's a series with a story, and I haven't wanted to watch it unless I saw the first episode.

Countless students have gone on and on about how great this show is. They will stay up all night watching downloaded episode after episode. So, I thought I'd catch the fever myself. The main actor of Prison Break is pretty handsome, I see from the commercials.

I can't seem to live without catching Amazing Race All stars on Monday nights here. But this season is just not grabbing me like the last one. It's probably my mood lately, been feeling a bit numb.

It's American Idol season, so unfortunately, I'm wrapped up in that. I really enjoy the performances. Mostly, I spend time talking with my kids, though. That's my favorite hobby.

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