Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Things The Students Say

Quintessential Konglish:

"We ate some live banannas."

"I was tired to death."

"They have an insane ambiance."
(talking about gay men who approach him in the gym)

"The mosquitos anguished me."

"You should be ground up."
(trying to say 'grow up!')

"What is a wrinkle in time?"
( come...pull up a chair...)

"After I see that movie, I eliminate."
(deleted off PC illustrating his review of movie)

"He's not handsome, just good-looking."

"I couldn't sleep, so I played with myself."
(entertained myself)

"I forgot my memory."
(I hate when that happens)

"I went to the store to buy some crack."
(but he bought crackers instead)

Future Plans: "I'd like to grow one child."

"In modern times, we have nuclear weapons families."
(no, that's 'nucular' weapons families)

"I ate something to eat."
(highly recommended)

"Whenever I meet a cockroach, I'm scared."
(don't worry, I hear they're really laid-back)

"His face is very variety."
(on Jim Carey)

"I want to meet a special experience."
(tell him I said hi)

Me: "Where is Martin?" Students: "He has a disease."

"We cheer up the team!"

"I slept tightly."
(Don't let the bed bugs bitely)

"Your face is marvelous."
(student to ex-teacher, he was trying to insult her)

"You are poverty period."
(I don't know what this means, I just say, 'thank you')

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