Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Kids on a bus in Manila being held hostage.

Why? Like that's going to do anything. The guy is in Manila in front of the municipal buildings with these kids from his daycare trapped in there. He said he wants better conditions for the poor. How is that going to work? 'Ok, Mr. Ducat, let the kids go, and we'll see what we can do.' ???

This person views himself as a hero, but I don't understand then what his bargaining chip was. I would listen to all his demands and then say, "Or what?"

I'm curious. What was he going to do with the kids? It doesn't make any sense.

My son said that it was breaking news on Anderson Cooper and he was chuckling at the way Anderson said "tagalog", I guess he said it really American style.

Well I guess the guy had a couple of dead grenades, I didn't know that he was threatening to blow something up. I wouldn't believe that. But the government has to handle that just so, and now the kids get free education up until college or something.

Ok, strange situation.

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