Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New Bedford Massachusetts Immigration Raid

I AM NOT A MASSACHUSETTS BLOGGER... I'm from California, and I now reside in the Philippines as an English teacher. I just posted this story in my blog with ONE line that said it challenged my belief that illegal aliens don't take jobs from citizens generally, and it got picked up in the "blogosphere". I am politically neutral for religious reasons, but if some on the right are curious as to why the left is "soft" on illegal immigration, it's because the people on the right who foam at the mouth about this issue are so many times purely and extremely racist. Yes, that does matter.

Really, the only issue that concerns me with illegals is agriculture. Farm work is a whole different basket of fruit. Farm workers should be given documentation. It's not possible to paint all immigration issues with the same brush, so be careful.

As for corporate corruption? Go get em! I have no problem with that.

Here's the original story: My original post:

Immigration Raid- Factory

What an interesting story. This company had government contracts and employed illegal alien workers. It appears as though those jobs could be filled legally. The article says that after the crackdown, that hundreds applied for the positions that opened up.

From what I gather here, this company is in line to be banned for government contracts now, but officials don't want them banned because they could employ so many citizens.

It's an interesting challenge to my belief that illegals don't take jobs from citizens generally speaking.

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