Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Prison Break and San Gyup Sar

So last night after work I did something stupid and went to the Korean restaurant and ordered San Gyup Sar. This is a put-it-together- dish. Dishes of lettuce leaves and bean paste and small veggies and then a bunch of slices of "meat", and it's like a make your own lettuce burrito type thing. The reason it's stupid, is because this pork that they serve is like bacon, and mostly fat.

I was craving the rest of it, the lettuce, bean paste, etc. but not the meat-fat. But I feel silly trying to order san gyup sar with no meat. I'm not even sure they would do that. The taste was great, but wow- unhealthy I'm sure. And I ate the whole thing.

Enough lamenting.

I went home and watched Prison Break first episode. I have to say wow. That guy is amazing. I knew he was good looking from the commercials, but seeing him act and interact, I have to say, he's quite attractive. Like quite.

I just finished a class where a student was announcing that South Korea should attack North Korea. Interesting debate. I have some fun students.

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